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My handle's become Sor on the internet and this is my personal tumblr which you will probably find a lot of silly things including my addiction to candy, color, architecture, video games,music, and fashion. (Spoilers; I really love fabrics and am a big dork for Kingdom Hearts and SSX) I'm a nerdkid so there's plenty of cool things here I find on my adventures.

Here you'll also find art,doodles and photos that don't always make it to my DeviantArt.

Nerdsrow is my character blog where you can peek at my designs and silly things.

I live on Island time in Hawaii so you'll probably catch me at shifted times but feel free to add me whereever you find me.

3DS Friendcode: 0946-3103-0781

Guild Wars 2: Sweetkins.5037
[Tarnished Coast Home + Dark Haven Guest]

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